Asbestos Removal Blackpool

Why do you need to consider to remove asbestos prior home refurbishment or even when you just want to drill in a wall?

Asbestos was banned in the UK in the end of the year of 1999. It is illegal to use in any way these days. Although don’t forget in the past (1960-1980) asbestos was a preferred and cheap insulating material that work as an electrical insulation and used for fire resistant qualities. Asbestos insulating board preferrebly known as AIB is a pretty toxic but frequently used element in the housing industry. This AIB can be found in walls, around fire exits and in fire doors, behing fire places and boilers where heat is highly exposed to the building.

We are Asbestos Removal Blackpool, a licensed asbestos removal company Our team has over 20 years experience. Either small or large job, we are here to get rid of asbestos and dispose of safely.

asbestos removal
finishing up the asbestos roof removing project

How much is asbestos removal cost?

Answering this question is always challanging because of every single situation is different. The price pont is depends on the condition, the volume, and how many location inside the building asbestos is present. But most importantly we have to ask if asbestos material is a friable or a non friable type.

Friable asbestos containing materials are extremely dangerous and most of the time requires licensed asbestos contractors to carry out the dangerous work.

Non friable asbestos materials are considerd safe if it is handled with care. It all comes down to asbestos exposure in the end. The less disturbance the better. It is fair to say for bonded asbestos materials like asbestos cement removal is kind of a fix price and avarage £20/m2 in England. Cost can vary of course company to company, but the price of asbestos removal is around there.

For instance: a single garage roof can cost 350-400£ with asbestos disposal service included.

Can I remove asbestos by myself?

Never attempt to remove any type of asbestos. Asbestos fibres can shorten your life once you inhale these miscroscopic sharp particles. They scar your soft tissues in your body. You can’t get rid of them, you probably don’t even notice there is problem growing inside you. Asbestos is the body usually develop serious cancerous diseases mainly in the lung. 15-25 years after asbestos exposure symptoms start to show up and from there just good luck my friend.

Always better to be safe than sorry. Save your family and let asbestos experts take care of your asbestos project.

dangerous asbestos exposure
Asbestos Warning sign Blackpool

How do I know if I have to remove asbestos?

It is pretty simple.

If you want to do any intrusive work on your property and the building was built before 1999, you need to find out first whether you have asbestos or not. If th easbestos survey results positive you need to remove asbestos from the area where you want work.

Other scenario is when you have this old building, and tested positive for asbestos, then some part of th ebuilding is cracked or damaged, you need asbesto sremoval or asbestos encapsulation.

Although encapsulation is cheaper, does not solve your problem. Asbestos materials deteriorate by the years and eventually you need asbestos removal service. Find asbesto removal services near you. Local asbesto sremoval companies are close to you and you can get a quick survey done with a fast service. We are working on many location in England and it includes Blackpool also.